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We are committed to enhancing designers’ relevance, leadership, and opportunities for success. One of the greatest challenges comes in finding ways to inspire and guide those inside and outside the profession to understand how valuable designers can be in solving complex problems and bringing positive change to society.

Introducing the AIGA Design Point of View Research

The AIGA Design POV represents a broad set of research components including in-the-moment pulse check surveys, in-depth qualitative interviews, a robust online survey, and triangulation of data from various other sources to provide insights into the current topics impacting the design community and create resources that can be used to better understand needs.

This research is about the future of our industry. It’s about leadership and it’s more than our profession but how design interfaces with the world. Our mission is about bringing design to the world. We are celebrating the diversity of our industry and the social impact each and every designer makes to society. 

We are releasing new chapters monthly and AIGA members can download the AIGA Design POV reports for free.

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Our Sponsor

The Design POV was made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsor, PepsiCo.

We are also thankful to those who contributed their time and expertise by kindly sharing their insights with us in interviews or online focus groups over the last year to help make the Design POV a robust report.

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A Preview of What's To Come

AIGA Design POV roadmap
  • More in-depth information will be released around the market reset that is occurring around the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis, and the ways in which the Design community is looking to the future.
  • Information on how Design is leading in organizations and what it means to be a leader in the Design industry. We will also take a closer look at the value of Design and how it is essential to organizations. 
  • Conversations about what it means to be a designer, the pathway to becoming a designer, and market intelligence on what the Design industry looks like today.
  • A deep dive into the makeup of the creative community with a look at how we can advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We’ll examine thoughts around the value of lifelong learning, and finally, delve into the positive impact of Design. 

Future Releases

AIGA Design Point of View Market Reset

Market Reset

We wanted to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the design profession. While the pandemic caused the marketplace to reset in general, we wanted to know the particular challenges faced by the design profession and our AIGA community.  

Download the Report.

The report is free to AIGA members as a benefit of membership.

AIGA Design POV Design Pathways Quote

Design Pathways

What we found in our research efforts was that all design pathways are different. They are multifaceted and nonlinear encompassing artistic appreciation and talents, creative spirits, and persistence. 

The Design Pathways chapter will be released in July 2021. 

AIGA Design Point of View Future Forward

Future Forward

What are the emerging trends in the design industry? According to the community, new technologies, augmented and virtual reality, and collaborative design software are a few of the trends that will have an impact on the profession. 

Download the Report.

The report is free to AIGA members as a benefit of membership.

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Future Releases

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is critical for design professionals. In these times, adaptability has never been more important and has emerged as a potential gap in terms of technology and social change. Being multi-disciplinary is crucial to the profession.

Look for the chapter on Lifelong Learning in August 2021.

AIGA Design Point of View Lifelong Learning

Being a Designer

What does it mean to be a designer? This question was the focus of the first Design POV research initiative that led us to some interesting discoveries. Find out how the design profession answered the question—what does it mean to be a designer?

Look for the chapter on Being a Designer in July 2021.

AIGA Design Point of View What is Means to be a Designer